Quality, Transparency and Responsibility are the foundation of our business.

Extensive consulting

From Campos Consulting you will get support in planning and implementing your projects as well as sustainability-oriented counseling, supervision and placement. We will advise you on the measures that are necessary to achieve the desired target state to manufacture, support you in implementing your enterprise and provide you with competent experts.

We offer consultancy in two areas:


International Marketing at Trade Fairs

As part of our consultation, we will support you as a fair dealer or seller, to introduce your product or service to new markets. We will advise you on how to reach customers in Brazil or Germany most effectively as well as on how to refresh your customer relationships, present new products and increase your awareness on the market.
Here we bring in our expertise and experience in International Business, Quality and Sustainability Management. The marketing of organic products at green fairs such as the International Green Week and working with sustainable operating companies are our specialty.


Sustainability and CSR strategies

Campos Consulting support you by advising you regarding the legal requirements and economic conditions of the transfer of existing renewable energie technology from Germany to Brazil.
We also offer strategic advice on activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, certifications in the areas of energy and quality as well as economic, ecological and socio-cultural sustainability analysis.