“I would put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of energy! I hope we have not only the depletion of oil and coal to wait before we tackle that. ” Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor, 1931

Brazil invests in renewable energy

In Brazil, the wind shifts: The sixth biggest national economy of the world is increasingly investing in wind energy, solar energy and bio-gas – and is thus part of a global trend towards renewable energies. We advise all along the value-added processes from idea generation, through planning, execution and implementation of sustainability.
Doing so, Campos Consulting is supporting the climate protection agreement to secure energy supply and sustainable growth.


Germany as a leader in renewable energy technologies

Germany has made big steps forward in the development and implementation of technologies for renewable energy in recent decades and therefor counts besides China and the United States as the most important world expert in this dynamic growth sector worldwide. Wind technology, solar technology and related environmental and nature protection regulations -all of which was developed in Germany.

With the Renewable Energy Act of 2000, the Biofuels Quota Act of 2007 and the Renewable Energies Heat Act of 2009 Germany obtains also special experience and expertise also when it comes to the promotion of renewable energies at the political level.

Recently, the German federal government has decided to outline a new statutory provision with which the expansion of offshore wind energy should be accelerated.
In light of these developments and experiences of the energy transition Germany like other G20 partners advises on sustainable projects in Brazil.


Support for technology transfer

Given the developments in Germany it is Campos Consulting’s mission to offer consultancy regarding the knowledge transfer between companies and other decision makers in Brazil and Germany.

Our service is thereby framed by the current agreement between Brazil and Germany, in which the two countries agree upon “the improvement and development of a sustainable energy infrastructure to ensure a secure and sustainable energy supply and use, in particular through energy efficiency, energy saving measures and the increased renewable energy set”.

Efforts to promote and stimulate the political dialogue, scientific and technological exchanges and participation of the private sector on initiatives developed under this Agreement are central approaches that we want to support.


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