“Those who planted trees, will win the sky” (Confucius)

High-yield potential

For decades wood has been for many large investors a high-return investment opportunity – now also private investors have discovered the increased availability of lucrative direct investments for themselves.

Because tropical forests by far grow faster than forests in parts of Europe, they throw off much higher returns. In addition, due to the lucrative tax-free income return expectations and the existing rules by the Financial Supervisory, timber counts as an attractive opportunity for investment.
The relationship between an ever-increasing demand and decreasing supply of high quality certified wood makes the future look even more favorable for investors.


Tropical Timber as a Sustainable Investment

Different funds apply tropical timber not only as an inflation-protected investment and high-yield investment opportunity with a top yield of up to 12%, but also agree to contribute to climate protection and relief of the rain forest. Given the importance of rain forests for our climate and labor market as well as for the local population, our responsibility for the effects of timber investments needs to be take into sincere consideration.

As the German magazine SPIEGEL reported recently, however, “so-called sustainable fund money from private investors invest money in investment schemes that can not be considered as environmentally, socially or ethically responsible”, for example – according to Jochen Bettzieche in a publication of the German Green Party parliamentary fraction from April 2012 – in defense companies !

To distinguish between these funds, which only proclaim environmental standards, and those that will also meet the demand for sustainable forest investment, we need an expert advice – even more so as it is about an international venture between companies in regarding timber strong countries such as Brazil and investors from European countries!

As a consultancy network, which specializes in sustainable economic ties between Brazil and Germany, Campos Consulting is committed to a transparent communication and a good cooperation between potential investors and companies that offer investment opportunities.


Transparency for Investors

You as a private or large investor are looking for ways to invest in timber in an environmentally correct manner? You want to invest your capital in the booming market of Brazilian wood, but you lack insight into the conditions of existing offers?

Contact us and we’ll show you the real opportunity for sustainable yet profitable investment on wood – clear, plausible and understandable!


New Customers for Sustainable Businesses

Your company in Brazil offers opportunities for asset-oriented timber investment that combines environmental and social responsibility with attractive return prospects – and you seek for new investors from Europe and the world? Or do you want to seek advice regarding ways to make your offer sustainable or get certification for your sustainable products?

Campos Consulting conducts sustainability analyzes for you. In addition, we will take care of communicating with customers, connecting you to potential investors and providing for a transparent, smooth and long-term cooperation!

Contact us us to learn more about opportunities to work together with Campos Consulting!